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Which NBA Teams Are Poised for a Resurgent 2015? PDF Print E-mail
NBA training camps and preseason will soon be underway. After a thrilling playoffs in the early summer that saw the Golden State Warriors topple the Cleveland Cavaliers—ending another LeBron James quest for a title—the 2015-16 season is primed to be another exciting race to crown a champion. There are clear front-runners—Golden State, Cleveland, the Spurs, and Rockets. However, what teams are set for a definitive resurgence? Which teams can you bet on to make the playoff this year? Which comeback NBA teams should you keep your eye on? Take a looks at some of our NBA playoff prediction and what teams are poised to make a run to the playoffs.

Getting Back in the Conversation

It seems like only yesterday that the Oklahoma Thunder had a devastating core four of players who buzz-sawed their way to the NBA Finals. While they didn’t win, the likes of Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Serge Ibaka seemed destined to find their way back to the finals in years to come. Fast-forward a few years, trades, injures, and a fired coach, and it seems the Thunder is stuck in “almost good enough” purgatory. However, if both KD and Russell Westbrook can stay relatively healthy for a whole season, the Thunder will once again be contenders in the West.

Getting Back on Pace

We can’t forget about the Pacers out east. Just two years ago, they seemed poised to give Miami a run for its money in the east. However, a devastating injury to Paul George in a Team USA scrimmage seemingly derailed their path, along with Lance Stephenson being gone and David West taking a pay cut for a better chance of a title on the Spurs. However, If George can return to form, and the additions of Monta Ellis, Jordan Hill, and Rodney Stuckey pan out, the Pacers could be back in the mix within the weaker Eastern Conference.

There is nothing like playoff basketball, and the excitement of the NBA will soon be upon us. For more sports perdition check out
Casino Bonus Offers: When Choosing a Site Becomes a Challenge PDF Print E-mail

Casino bonus is one of the factors that should be considered when looking for the best online casino at sites like While it is important to ensure that security of the site, one cannot discount the fact that most people play to win and get bonuses and freebies, hence, most sites make sure that they have the best offers. How do you choose, as a beginner? Find out here.

The choice can be tricky because of the thousands of sites that offer free and paid casino games. Since this is all about the bonuses, you need to find the site that will pay excellent sign-up bonus. Gaming sites know that there is a huge market in their industry and in order to attract new players with promotional gimmicks, fat bonuses, and competitive prize packages.

The following considerations might help you choose a site that suits you:

Go for the site that gives extremely high maximum payout. But keep in mind that payouts depend on how much deposit you begin with, if you can afford to give a sizeable amount as deposit then you can get that max payout.

Since you are just starting, you definitely do not want to “invest” too much, you can still get a good deal even with a smaller deposit amount if you choose a high percentage bonus deal.

If cannot take that risk yet of using your own money when you play slots or other popular games, you may opt to choose the no deposit bonus deal. You can still play for free and there is a chance for you to win real money. There are sites that will allow you to withdraw after you have reached a required amount but there are sites that will ask you to create a new account and sign up as new member to withdraw your winnings.

Great bonus deals can only give you so much but you still need to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable gaming site. Make sure that you check customer and industry expert reviews. Look at the site’s track record. Check out their payment method procedures, its safety and security. Check out the site’s security policies, for you bank records and technology-wise. A site that has an excellent support group in terms of technical support and customer service is a good choice.

Find out more about the different types of casino bonus schemes so you can decide better what online site to choose.

Tips for betting in NBA: Keep it simple PDF Print E-mail

The NBA is one of the new areas that are attracting gamblers. The reason as to why many people are considering betting in the NBA is because of its popularity. More teams are being registered every year. There are many teams out there to bet on but sometimes it's confusing to choose one. The betting odds are changing every day, and if you are new to this game, then you need to know a couple of things before you bet.

The first thing you need to do is a thorough research on the team you are planning to bet on. The key factors that you need to note are the player positions and the team's performance. If you don't get adequate information of your team, try to bet on the best performing teams. You should also research on your teams' and players' popularity. The teams that are more popular tend to perform better, therefore choose wisely.

Use a smart bet approach. You need to look for information concerning your team. Ensure your team's present and history is good. If you have a list of teams, ensure you use the elimination method to remain with the best team. It's good to have a small list as this will ensure you make a decision quicker.

You should follow the NBA part keenly. If you focus on the NBA part, your chances of having a good season are higher. If you want good returns bet during the latter part of the season. This is the part where everyone is working hard to outshine the others consequently leading to good results. Finally, ensure you control your betting. If you feel you have lost a lot, do not bet again trying to recover the money, you will make poor decisions. If possible have an account for betting and set a limit and a budget so that you won't use other funds for betting.

Betting tips on who to win the NBA season this year PDF Print E-mail

The 2013 NBA championship final is set to be one of the best yet, and a tough one to predict for those of you that like to bet on the NBA. Anyone who likes to go to the bookies has the same question on their mind “who’s going to be the final NBA championship winners this year?”

If you always start by looking at the bookies odds then the answer is always pretty clear. The bookies top spot goes to the defending champions Miami Heat and the reasons for this are pretty clear, LeBron James is their hero, currently the only unstoppable force making his way through the NBA. They have also bagged themselves the new signing of dedicated Ray Allen, who turned down a twelve million dollar contract with the Celtics to join Miami Heat instead. So with all of this being said you would expect Miami heat to be the best bet, but betting genius Wayne Root has always said you don't make money by backing the favourites all season. If you want to indulge in some of your favourite pass times why not check if an online casino has a slot themed around your team, or check out scratch cards like the Slam Dunk one in Gaming Club. A mixture of 70s disco and basketball it appeals to your more whimsical nature, but with a x250 multiplier it’d be silly not to have a go on the game.

Watching NBA and knowing there is money riding on the result can bring much more excitement to the game, but some prefer to take a more relaxed approach to their online gambling, playing sports themed slots and poker games that are becoming more popular every season. So if you're looking to add an extra thrill to the NBA this year make sure you check out the online casino sports games like the Slam Dunk scratch card.

The NBA Merchandise PDF Print E-mail

The popularity of NBA teams and the individual players has made millions of people go crazy over the sport. Due to the fun and excitement it offers, the fans of NBA are always looking for ways, which will help them to stay connected with their favorite NBA teams and players.

The best way through which fans can stay connected with their favorite teams is by purchasing the NBA merchandise. The NBA merchandise is available for all fans of NBA. Right from children to adults to women, there is NBA merchandise for every fan of NBA,

The NBA merchandise is available in the form of jerseys, shorts, key-chains and all other types, which doubles the excitement of watching NBA. The fans of NBA can get all the merchandise of their favorite teams from the official web site of the NBA.

The main essence of purchasing NBA merchandise is that it is available at online stores. Fans can purchase all the merchandise from the comfort of their home and can cheer and celebrate for their teams showing their love for their favorite teams by purchasing merchandise of their favorite teams.

The rules of basketball you need to know PDF Print E-mail

Basketball is not an individual sport but a team sport. In a game of basketball, the two teams consisting of five players score by having a ball through a hoop. This hoop mostly elevated 10 feet above from the ground.

The game of basketball is played on a rectangular field called the basketball court with a hoop at each end of the court. This court is mostly divided into two sections through a mid-court line. A team scores two points whenever the team makes a basket. In a game of basketball, every team is assigned with a goal or basket to defend. This means that the other basket for any team is the scoring basket. After halftime, the teams switch goals and the referee tosses the ball between the two players from each of the team. The player who gets his/her hands on the ball tips it to the teammate. This phenomenon is known as tip-off.

These were some of the basic rules of a game of basketball. Apart from these, there are various other rules, which you need to be familiar with to make the most out of the basketball. there are also many reviews about the teams and the odds online, as well as many sports reviews, so you have all information available. Another thing that you should consider and understand is the NBA betting picks and Doc's NBA odds, they can change the strength of a team over night, especially the NBA Picks.

Lebron's fat wallet PDF Print E-mail

Lebron James earns his money through basketball and many different endorsements. He started off with about $4 million in his rookie year and in his last year in Cleveland; he earned about $14 million. When he moved to Miami, he was being paid $17 million a year. He earns double that with his many endorsement deals he signed.

His biggest endorsement contract is with Nike. He signed another endorsement deal extension with them that earns him more than $10 million per year. Another major endorsement deal for Lebron is McDonalds where he makes $4 million every year. He makes more money through various endorsement deals but basketball makes that happen for him. His talent and fame made him bankable for many endorsement companies.

His estimated net worth is $90 million, maybe higher. Forbes estimated his earnings in 2010 as around $43 million. Earning about $17 million a year for basketball and having many major and minor endorsement deals, it is really no surprise that his net worth could be around $90 million. He also owns a $50 million mansion in Miami that Pat Riley, famous NBA coach, once owned. He lives there with his girlfriend Savannah and his two kids.

In addition to being a great baller, Lebron knows the right way to put his money on Horse racing, thanks to his Racing Resources he earned.

Similarities beteen NBA and MMA PDF Print E-mail

Mixed martial arts are for tough people and tough people prefer tough brands while fighting it out in the cage. MMA is a high impact sport and high impact sports come with plenty of excitement. It can be described as a blend of many different martial arts that a person can learn and has created a magnum fan base of its own. Today, MMA is much more regulated than previous years, such as in 1990 when it was banned in New York.

Mixed martial arts are a form of fighting in which an individual is equipped with all the fighting techniques and uses his strength. The impact sport comes with plenty of excitement. In order to compete in in the sport, a fighter must be at least 18 years of age. Competition must be between fighter s of the same sex.

In mixed martial arts, the focus is on take downs, strikes and grappling. Each round is five minutes in length with a one minute rest period between rounds. Prior to participating in a match, competitors will be given a medical examination by a physician appointed by the Authority prior start of the match, both at the weighing-in and in the evening, a short while before the MMA program commences.

Top 10 Of Slum Dunks - Dedicated To You PDF Print E-mail

Both amazing and amusing video, playing in the NBA needs talent, patience and practice, there is another important factor needed to become a Pro and it's called working within a team, if there is no teamwork and everyone is for themselves it is no surprise that the team wont make it.



The Top 10 Slum Dunks Of 2010 In NBA PDF Print E-mail

Watch the most exciting slum dunks of 2010, refrain from chewing your finger nails during the video, maybe you will find your NBA star player here.



Betting Existentialism: The aesthetic, Ethical and Religious Punter PDF Print E-mail

By Jesper, CEO - November 3rd, 2010

The danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard is concerned with the question, how to become a true christian?

He talks of three existential stages;

* The aesthetic
* The ethical
* The religious

This three stages represents both the process of becoming a true christian, but it also represents three human archetypes. Okay, so now what? What does this have to do with betting? In this post I’ll try to draw some lines between Kierkegaards existentialism and what I call betting existentialism – how to become a true punter. Okay, let’s try to do some philosophy (yes, you can join even though you don’t have a tweed jacket)!

There has been yet another twist in the biggest summer of Cavaliers history. PDF Print E-mail

The team has been looking to fill the head coach position for 5 weeks now and we found out that on Tuesday the Los Angeles Lakers assistant Brian Shaw met in Cleveland with owner Dan Gilbert and front-office members about the Cavaliers’ coaching vacancy.

Gambling Deposits made easy PDF Print E-mail

One of the most important issues when gambling today is how to get your money from your account through to the online operator. Well we’ve found a website that specifically answers those questions. Gambling Deposits is focused on on which online casino or sportsbook deposit method are the best for 16 different markets. Online deposit methods have become an important aspect when online players wish to make online purchases and deposits.

NBA - Skills VS Celebrity Garbage PDF Print E-mail

Today in 2010 unfortunately everyone has decided to focus on the reality celebrity garbage out there instead of focusing on the game and real skills a player has. It seems like everything that matters today is the Sports Players personal life.

Seeing sports players in underwear commercials are a lot more interesting to many than the game itself(especially for the woman), another example is Lamar - a Lakers player people started to focus on him after he married a reality "star" named Kloe and it seems that everyone cares more about how many babies, when and where this couple is going to have and not Lamars real skills but I guess you can sometimes thank the Reality Garbage Life that throw a spotlight in your life, although I complain I never heard of Lamar before he married Kloe.

After the L.A Lakers won the LAPD makes arrests PDF Print E-mail

After the Lakers win the NBA championship the LAPD arrested at least 45 people connected to violent behavior, but that could be just the beginning - The Los Angles police department is reviewing hundreds and even thousands of images that have been taken by surveillance cameras, police videos, facebook, Twitter(the list isn't ending soon).........for more evidence as the result of criminal behavior. There was a video released on Youtube of people smashing and setting fire to a Taxi Cab, the arson's unit is asking for the help of the public to identify the people that are responsible for this damage.The LAPD officials claim they have gotten several solid tips and even if this takes a few weeks or months it's worth the effort to find all the people that are responsible,  personally I feel there were so many people who lost control that I do hope that justice will be served.Check out the NBA Championship and place your bets on your favorite team at William Sports! Register and join the action now!

The L.A Lakers keep winning! PDF Print E-mail

Overall in the last 12 years During the  there was the biggest audience ever and was the highest-rated telecast.
There were about 28.2 million viewers which is about 56.4 million eyes that watched the L.A Lakers defeat the Boston Celtics for the championship title, there wasn't so much action going on since the game of the Bulls vs. Jazz game in 1998. All the L.A Lakers players and fans celebrated later onwards in a huge way and everyone deserves to celebrate after such an exciting game. Check out one of the great premier GP Online Sports websites that available today. And this is very Much like the games, it is fun and easy to play!

Nba Slam Dunk Contest - Michael Jordan Vs Dominique Wilkins PDF Print E-mail

michael jordan Vs dominique wilkins slam dunk contest

Bet online sport is a leading sports betting website which offers excellent odds on a huge range of markets which includes horse racing, soccer, rugby, tennis and much more! Join sport for your exclusive 50£ free bet offer. Take advantage of some exclusive free bet offers as an sport customer today!

NBA Vault: Shaquille O'Neal Rookie Year Highlights PDF Print E-mail

The NBA goes into the vault again and shows another video of great rookie highlights from one of its superstars. Take a look at the instant impact Shaq was able to make for the Orlando Magic

Shaq, LeBron, Dwight Howard All-Star Dance-Off PDF Print E-mail

this hilarious impromptu dance contest at East Practice during 2007 All-Star Weekend

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